UCL, Research Associate

Adam Gates is an archaeologist with a longstanding interest in cultural heritage management in emergency contexts. In 2019 he received an MA in Ancient History and Archaeology from the University of St Andrews. An abiding interest in utilizing digital tools to support workflows for cultural heritage protection led him to the Digital Humanities program at UCL. While studying at UCL, he found a new academic interest in leveraging participatory engagement for GIS projects. This interest influenced his research which prototyped a participatory GIS methodology for affected communities in conflict communities to map their cultural heritage. His primary focus is on finding ways to utilize geospatial analysis for project management in the cultural heritage sector. In his spare time, Adam considers himself a hobbyist open-source investigation analyst. He hopes to leverage his experience with open-source analysis tools to support CAAL’s remote sensing efforts. When he’s not working he can be found drawing, painting, or reading.

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