Afifa KHAN

UCL, Research Assistant

Upon completion of my MA in the Archaeology and Heritage of Asia, I joined the hectic world of commercial archaeology. After a few years at war with mud, I then decided to come back to doing what I really love and joined CAAL. Now I dig by day and explore the archaeology of Central Asia by night. I ultimately hope to be able to research and work in South Asia, raising awareness and love for archaeology in Pakistan. In order to do this, I also made a website to help collate the niche bits of knowledge that I have collected on the way and act as a sounding board for questions that I have. When not working, my hobby is collecting hobbies whether it is sword fighting or cooking. Sometimes I have more hobbies than actual time.

Afifa also writes a terrific and informative blog on archaeology and heritage of Pakistan where you can read about the complexities and wonders of heritage management in the region.

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