Institute of History, Archaeology and Ethnography of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan, CAAL TECHNICAL SPECIALIST Dilnoz specialises in digital design projects such as website design and utilising Photoshop. She is most interested in history and applying her passion to the conservation of archaeological heritage. On the CAAL project she digitises the extant archives and records using a high-resolution scanner for integration of information conducted by regional institutions. All files are sensitive and often due to age of the documents the paper has become fragile, for that reason it… Read More


IICAS, PROJECT ASSISTANT Anastasiya has a BA in English philology and teaching languages from Samarkand State Institute of Foreign Languages. Before graduating she began her career in tourism where she acquired organisational and planning skills as a tour operator. Occasional sightseeing tours around Samarkand enabled her to learn more about her birth city and country in general. This experience was taken into account when Anastasiya applied for the position of tour leader and guide for a Canadian company not long before the Coronavirus spread all over the globe and made travelling impossible…. Read More


archaeological expertise, caal technical specialist Oksana, a relative newcomer to archaeology, has nearly a decade of professional experience as a cartographer. Her work with Archaeological Expertise provides a creative outlet in creating maps where there is no strict framework and she is able to invent and develop her own sets of symbols. The ancient settlement of Shymkent, the first significant large site she visited, enabled a new perspective on archaeology and its role in our daily lives. When not mapping, Oksana is busy travelling, especially trekking, and enjoying other outdoor activities.