Spatial risk assessment and the protection of cultural heritage in southern Tajikistan

Open Access article published in the Journal of Cultural Heritage, online March 2021 CAAL research by Marco Nebbia, Federica Cilio, Bobomullo Bobomulloev published online in the Journal of Cultural Heritage, March 2021, ‘Spatial risk assessment and the protection of cultural heritage in southern Tajikistan‘. Read the full article HERE and a bit from the Research Aim: ‘The main focus of this paper is on the satellite remote sensing strand of CAAL and in particular on the potential use of remotely sensed data and related computational methods, to develop a better understanding of… Read More


Institute of History, Archaeology and Ethnography named after A. Donish, Tajikistan, RESEARCHER Bobomullo is motivated by the possibility of new discoveries. His work in an archaeological lab led to service as a regional scientific officer where he has been able to expand his love of the unknown and delve deeper into the lives of past persons. His favourite archaeological site is the medieval Buddhist monastery of Ajina Tepe in modern-day Tajikistan. Equally representative of the relationship between astronomy and poetry is Omar Khayyam, whose curiosity and intellect continue to inspire. When he… Read More

Federica CILIO

ucl, research assistant Federica’s degrees in Classical archaeology and special interest in Roman frontiers in the Middle East led her to further real-life travels where she became increasingly interested in the charm of the unknown. The mystery of untapped knowledge and undiscovered countries that are the past led her to explore through remote sensing the cultures and traditions of the Silk Roads. Her penchant for the road less travelled results in hours of walking and snorkelling until her ‘fingers turn spongy’. We all agree with her motto: stay positive, there is a… Read More