post-Samarkand workings

The workshop in Samarkand, attended by representatives of CAAL project teams from UCL, Central Asia, and China (find a more comprehensive list here) saw everyone come together for several days of discussions about Arches, GIS, standards and policies, information dissemination, and how these tools can forward the systematic documentation of archaeological landscapes in the region. Talk centred around digital platforms, methodologies, and the complexities of taking on such a wide-ranging project across geographies, languages, political landscapes. While everyone sees the long-term benefits of creating a digital inventory the project is not without… Read More

friends in Samarkand

2019 project launch workshop, samarkand, uzbekistan Today we are meeting up with old friends and making new ones at our CAAL kick-off workshop in Samarkand. Hosted by IICAS and held at the University of Samarkand. We are discussing ArchesProject implementation and GIS and Remote Sensing methods as well as the impact of climate change in the region. We are exchanging views on the challenges and potential of digitisation and working in open access knowledge platforms. We are excited about the ‘totality of understanding complex landscapes’ (Tim Williams) and building strong interpersonal relationships… Read More

making progress

The CAAL team head out to Samarkand, Uzbekistan for an inaugural workshop hosted by Dima Voyakin at the International Institute for Central Asian Studies. We will be joined by dozens of participants from partner institutions from China, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan. Together we plan the future of creating this digital inventory and how it will serve to record and protect the archaeological heritage so important to us all. by Kim TE WINKLE