archaeological expertise, director and caal team leader Sergey’s previous education in and subsequent work teaching history, followed by becoming a county level civil servant protecting cultural heritage has led him to a distinguished career participating in archaeological expeditions and conferences. Throughout, his career has been one step of further development after another leading to his current work at Archaeological Expertise. He is extremely interested in the Eneolithic settlement site at Botai in the North Kazakhstan Region with its early domestication of horses and other unique features. Sergey keenly participates in interdisciplinary collaborations.

ZHAO Zhehao

ucl, research assistant Zhehao’s (Steven) doctoral research focuses on the management of Maritime Silk Roads sites under the influence of globalisation. He is exploring different approaches in terms of conceptualisation, conservation, interpretation, and World Heritage nomination processes at sites in China and Saudi Arabia as well as others in between. His position at the National Center of Underwater Cultural Heritage allows his work building a GIS data platform for underwater sites. As the overland and maritime routes are closely intertwined Zhehao’s sea-based research provides the CAAL project with a unique perspective. He… Read More


Ministry of Culture, Information and Tourism of the Kyrgyz Republic, CAAL TEAM LEADER Chynarbek’s career began with a degree from the Faculty of History and Regional Studies of Kyrgyz National University J. Balasagyna where he first engaged with archaeology. While still a student, he participated in national and international scientific expeditions. After graduation he started working in museums, progressing from research fellow to deputy for science. His current position is chief specialist of Department of Preservation and Development of Cultural Heritage in the Ministry of Culture, Information and Tourism of the Kyrgyz… Read More