UCL, research assistant Mahmoud’s background in spatiotemporal analytics and big data mining as well as geology and remote sensing make him uniquely placed to work with CAAL on web development by implementing new features in Arches and analysing the collected data – using machine learning methods to examine the archaeological data and reveal undiscovered patterns and stories. He is fired up by driving meaning and use out of data: I believe that the core of the scientific inquiry lies in obtaining good data and then analysing it correctly. The same concept also… Read More


RESEARCH ASSISTANT, KAZAKHSTAN While Ilyas is currently studying marketing he is inspired by the contribution to the study of his native region by digitizing the data of archaeological sites using GIS for the CAAL project. Prior to this, he took part in expeditions to East Kazakhstan in the district of Zaisan Lake and at the same time mastered the use of satellite maps to discover new archaeological sites. He also worked at the International Institute for Central Asian Studies in Samarkand and during this time participated in an expedition to Karakalpakstan to… Read More

Federica CILIO

ucl, research assistant Federica’s degrees in Classical archaeology and special interest in Roman frontiers in the Middle East led her to further real-life travels where she became increasingly interested in the charm of the unknown. The mystery of untapped knowledge and undiscovered countries that are the past led her to explore through remote sensing the cultures and traditions of the Silk Roads. Her penchant for the road less travelled results in hours of walking and snorkelling until her ‘fingers turn spongy’. We all agree with her motto: stay positive, there is a… Read More