XI Tongyuan

Northwest University, Xi’an, PR China. XI Tongyuan currently serves as senior lecturer and head of the Digital Heritage Lab in the School of Cultural Heritage, Northwest University which is where he previously completed an MA and PhD in archaeology. He is most interested in field archaeology, digital heritage studies, GIS, archaeological databases and information management. He actively participates in excavations in north and west China, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan.


archaeological expertise, researcher Dmitriy loves the versatility of his professional duties as documentary expert: these are, first of all, travelling to various places, working in nature, and at the same time, ample opportunities to use modern technologies and documentation methods in desk processing. He focuses on creating the drawings during excavations, measurements and photogrammetry (using AutoCad, ArcGIS, Agisoft and more). His interest and expertise in technical engineering, chemistry and robotics have proven invaluable to projects at Rutrum LLP and Archaeological Expertise. It is no surprise given his own near polymathy that he… Read More