UCL, research fellow Marco is a landscape archaeologist with a keen interest in GIS and remote sensing and the application of these technologies to the management of cultural heritage. His passion for capacity building stems from a more fundamental research curiosity about Prehistoric urbanism and the confluence of the local with the global scale of human interaction. For CAAL he works with our remote sensing teams and Central Asian partners in developing robust methodologies and uses of GIS technology in documenting archaeological heritage. His love of rock and jazz nearly transcends his… Read More


UCL, research fellow Rui’s background in managing archaeological sites in China has provided her with an in-depth knowledge of policy and collaboration between diverse groups of administrative and private individuals. Her current work with the International Centre for Chinese Heritage & Archaeology and the Arcadia-funded project Survey and Digital Documentation of Endangered Temple Wall Paintings in Shanxi has further given her the opportunity to work with prominent researchers and conservators as well as the institutional bodies critical to such endeavours. Additionally, she is working with colleagues from Northwest University (Xi’an, China) on… Read More


alice salvador

UCL, SENIOR ILLUSTRATOR, SILK ROAD CITIES Alice is an archaeologist who graduated with BA, MA, and post-graduate degrees in Egyptology from the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice. She specializes in archaeological illustration and the archaeology and ceramics of Ancient Egypt and Sudan. Her first experiences as an illustrator began in 2009 in Italy, working for the University of Venice at Aquileia, Pompeii and Hierapolis, Pamukkale, Turkey. Numerous international fieldwork projects followed, where Alice learned how to draw not only pottery and a wide range of finds, but also cross sections, portmanteau plans… Read More