Victoria SLUKA

ucl, research assistant Victoria’s doctoral research focuses on carpets, specifically pile textile technology and how small changes, artisan idiosyncrasies and social constraints affect the structure and design of a finished textile. Statistical photo filtering and 3D modelling enables examination of the distribution of variations and errors thereby creating a better understanding of the wider technological and social context in which individual artisans created their works. This unique research aims to draw new conclusions about technological evolution, transmission and social settings of the weavers. Victoria’s interest in Central Asian textiles comes from a… Read More


UCL, research fellow Kim’s previous incarnations include journalism and a fascination for the social lives of things (shout out Appadurai, ed. 1998!). Inspired by the ways in which communities in the Tibetan cultural sphere define, value, manage their cultural heritage she sees elements of knowledge exchange in mundane objects. Following on from this previous research and as a result of her peripatetic lifestyle she is currently looking into the uses of digital technologies in documenting and disseminating knowledge of cultural heritage and the role of the internet and social media in stirring… Read More


UCL. research fellow Ona’s background in architecture and engineering (and swanky location scouting) coalesced in her passion for large-scale mapping and digital inventories. She is especially excited by the ways in which these tools contribute to policy development, standards and guidelines for documentation and monitoring of heritage management. Ona has experience using geospatial content management systems such as Arches for the monitoring of transnational World Heritage. A result of this work was the development of the BELSPO/UNESCO project ‘Silk Roads Cultural Heritage Resource Information System’ which together with documentation and risk management… Read More