UCL, RESEARCH ASSISTANT I am just starting an MA in the archaeology and heritage of Asia, with a focus on Central Asia and am excited to study past peoples’ use of plants in food, rituals, and medicine, and the ways in which this often folkloric knowledge is shared. Having been interested in archaeology since the age of 13, I became drawn to the study of food because it is one of the most quintessential aspects of culture. The nuances of food culture reflect our social ties, customs, individual tastes, and accumulated history… Read More


UCL. research fellow Ona’s background in architecture and engineering (and swanky location scouting) coalesced in her passion for large-scale mapping and digital inventories. She is especially excited by the ways in which these tools contribute to policy development, standards and guidelines for documentation and monitoring of heritage management. Ona has experience using geospatial content management systems such as Arches for the monitoring of transnational World Heritage. A result of this work was the development of the BELSPO/UNESCO project ‘Silk Roads Cultural Heritage Resource Information System’ which together with documentation and risk management… Read More


IICAS, DIRECTOR Dmitriy was recently appointed director of the International Institute for Central Asian Studies after successfully serving in numerous official positions and working on myriad permanent archaeological such as Otrar, Kayalyk, Akyrtas as well as investigations of archaeological sites on the dry bottom of the Aral Sea. He has been a delegate to the World Heritage Committee for the Republic of Kazakhstan (2014-2017) and UNESCO international expert and member of the National Commission of the RoK for UNESCO and ISESCO since 2018. When he is not facilitating the CAAL project, he… Read More