archaeology and the world, february 2022

A SHORT REFLECTION ON HOW OUR WORK INTERSECTS WITH OUR WORLD FOLLOWED BY good news LINKS TO CURRENT RESEARCH As archaeologists who surround ourselves, often internalising, the vestiges of past lives—conflicts, daily ephemera, societal shifts manifested in material culture— we cannot separate our intellectual interests from the world we live in. We jump between the long view and checking social media or email feeds. We find grand narratives in the tiniest of grains—evidence of long-distance migration and trade only visible through a microscope. We recognise that these days, indeed in our connected… Read More

Tumsukly Minara caravansary

…we know caravanserai are often found at fairly regular intervals (a day’s journey with your camels): can we find the rest of this route across the desert, a journey of nearly 200 kilometres?

Murghab River

work experience in remote sensing