Khatlon, Tajikistan: a multi-source remote sensing approach

Federica Cilio takes us through a comparison of images and explains how using several map resources from different time periods can illuminate changes in the archaeological landscape This case study by Federica Cilio focuses on the analysis of satellite imagery acquired from Google Earth, ESRI, Bing Aerial, CORONA, and Soviet topographic maps, with the aim of showing the different information that each source offers and to demonstrate that the combination of this data allows an accurate and in-depth view of an area of interest. Crucially, the results and methodology can be instrumental… Read More

Untying the knots of Central Asian carpets

‘Because I am primarily interested in technological systems, innovation, and the evolution thereof, my fieldwork tends to focus on documenting the processes involved in pile textile production.’

Itchan Kala

…the aim of the initiative was to improve the documentation and condition assessment of the cultural site by using digital technologies.