Fruit from the Sands

Robert Spengler’s new book, Fruit from the Sands (2019, University of California Press), is thus timely as it seeks to explore not simply the origins of the ‘founder’ Old World cereals of wheat, barley and rice, but the ways in which they and other less commonly discussed plants have travelled from their places of origin to end up across the globe on our tables today. Continue reading Fruit from the Sands

Murghab River by satellite

This week CAAL UCL has enjoyed seeing the fruits of student Rory Calvin’s labours while he mapped 500 sites in the Murghab River region. We’ve got some details in the brief case study. Soon these sites and many many more will be available in our open access maps…the wheels are turning. Figures show: survey area in southern Turkmenistan: 10 km squares (in red) with potential … Continue reading Murghab River by satellite