UCL, research fellow Gai’s expertise in heritage management planning and public archaeology in Central Asia has rapidly spread to projects in Africa and the EU and led to collaborative projects with UNESCO, ICOMOS, and UNWTO in addition to development projects with the EU and UNFPA. His is driven by a passion for heritage preservation, capacity building, and development projects in tandem with spatial analysis and modelling. At the Institute of Archaeology he teaches for the master’s degree course on heritage management as well as managing UCL’s Digital Heritage laboratory and leads UCL… Read More



Institute of History, ArchAeology and Ethnography of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan, caal technical specialist Neru found his passion by working with technology and innovations, designing websites, editing photographs and creating images using Photoshop, rendering videos, including some purely for entertainment purposes. Additionally, he enjoys fixing and upgrading PC hardware. On the CAAL project, he puts all these skills to use by digitising certain archaeological archives which contain research details and some unpublished articles. He says: perfectionism is my path and old-school is my style, so I like… Read More

link listicle!!

Ta da…a listicle!!! Not as nice as a popsicle but who says you can’t enjoy them together?! Herewith a list – somewhat random but I’m sure you can find a thread of logic somewhere – of readings, news clippings, videos, websites, and other miscellaneous stuff I’ve collected over the past several months. Much of this was bookmarked on ye olde commute and I’ve only just looked over it again. There are no recommendations, no endorsements here, it’s just a list in no particular order and only loosely categorised. Some of the pieces… Read More