UCL, RESEARCH ASSISTANT 2020-2021 I found my way to Central Asia via the classics and the architecture and archaeology of the Hellenistic/Roman eras. During undergraduate studies in history at St. Andrews, I learned about the Minaret of Jam, a beautiful structure and one which motivated further reading and research, drawing me further east to specialise in the Persianate world, specifically, the late 12th/early 13th century … Continue reading Will CHAMBERLAIN

review of the 4th Central Asia Seminar Group

Ancient Peoples: Modern Methods – a review The 4th meeting of the Central Asia Seminar Group met on 7 March 2020 at the UCL Institute of Archaeology to hear a series of papers on new and ongoing archaeological research in Central Asia. Host David Fallon of the Association for Central Asian Civilisations and Silk Road Studies and the CAAL project welcomed everyone to a day … Continue reading review of the 4th Central Asia Seminar Group