Vladimir BYCHKOV

archaeological expertise, researcher Vladimir’s degrees in geography and history and his desire to acquire new knowledge, skills and experiences have guided his professional life. From participation as a student on archaeological expeditions in Pavlodar to teaching these subjects at Pavlodar State Pedagogical Institute he has excelled at encouraging others to appreciate the past and how it connects to our modern world. After working at the Institute of Archaeology named after AH Margulan he joined the private firm Archaeological Expertise where he currently conducts research. While his passions are in mineralogy and geology… Read More


iicas, specialist in international relations and caal team leader Farukh’s passion lies with applying technologies and design such as 3D modelling, art and graphic design to save cultural heritage. His career in the field began in 2015 with the private archaeological firm, Archaeological Expertise with whom he participated in numerous expeditions in Kazakhstan including leading several expeditions. In 2016 he participated in the Newton Al-Farabi partnership program as a GIS expert. He has conducted Heritage Impact Assessments for the new Spiritual and Cultural Centre and Eski Turkestan Archaeological Park (both related to… Read More


archaeological expertise, caal technical specialist Sergei’s role as a technical specialist on the CAAL project is inspired by his quest for the unknown and an interest in archaeology stemming from his participation on the expedition to explore the medieval settlement of Kastek. As a history student at Kazakh National Pedagogical University, he is well acquainted with the Middle Ages which might explain why he is fond of the motto: Fiat iustitia, et pereat mundus ‘let justice be done, though the world perish’. While he enjoys the quiet and calm landscape of Charyn… Read More