Untying the knots of Central Asian carpets

‘Because I am primarily interested in technological systems, innovation, and the evolution thereof, my fieldwork tends to focus on documenting the processes involved in pile textile production.’


Shejire DNA project, independent researcher Nurbol’s education focused on law and economics but more importantly he is inspired by the latest discoveries in the field of paleogenetic research. ‘We now have the opportunity to take a new look at the evolutionary processes of development and the stages of formation of human history. Thanks to modern technologies, we are able to verify history and show how it really happened.’ Over the past 10 years, he has been engaged in research in the fields of genetics, history, and archaeology, resulting in the documentary trilogy… Read More

Vladimir BYCHKOV

archaeological expertise, researcher Vladimir’s degrees in geography and history and his desire to acquire new knowledge, skills and experiences have guided his professional life. From participation as a student on archaeological expeditions in Pavlodar to teaching these subjects at Pavlodar State Pedagogical Institute he has excelled at encouraging others to appreciate the past and how it connects to our modern world. After working at the Institute of Archaeology named after AH Margulan he joined the private firm Archaeological Expertise where he currently conducts research. While his passions are in mineralogy and geology… Read More