january 2022 musings

some terrific reading here – enjoy!! First, we wish to congratulate project Principal Investigator and Professor Tim Williams on being awarded The Sir Richard Burton Medal, 2022 by the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland. Nominated by Professor Susan Whitfield who writes ‘Tim is known in particular for his long-running exploration, archaeological and documentation projects in Beirut and Central Asia, for his collaborations with local partners on the Silk Road and for UNESCO and ICOMOS Silk Roads mapping. He has worked in circumstances and regions which are extremely challenging, both… Read More

Untying the knots of Central Asian carpets

‘Because I am primarily interested in technological systems, innovation, and the evolution thereof, my fieldwork tends to focus on documenting the processes involved in pile textile production.’


IICAS, PROJECT ASSISTANT Anastasiya has a BA in English philology and teaching languages from Samarkand State Institute of Foreign Languages. Before graduating she began her career in tourism where she acquired organisational and planning skills as a tour operator. Occasional sightseeing tours around Samarkand enabled her to learn more about her birth city and country in general. This experience was taken into account when Anastasiya applied for the position of tour leader and guide for a Canadian company not long before the Coronavirus spread all over the globe and made travelling impossible…. Read More