september 2022 musings

hampstead heath july 2022

a short look at some climate related news and projects in Central Asia Editor’s note: photo was taken amid the drought, Hampstead Heath, London, July 2022. NEWS As always, CAREC continues to work for climate issues in Central Asia by participating in international fora. At the moment they are working with representatives on preparing for COP27. The Third Pole reported on the July glacier collapse filmed by British tourists. June article from Nature: Climate change is turning more of Central Asia into desert: The rapid expansion will have significant impacts on ecosystems… Read More

August 2022 musings


end of summer lists of new articles on #Archaeology in #CentralAsia, new projects and books to enjoy


Tash Rabat

Margarita Prifti’s archaeotourism to Balasagun (with Burana Tower), Tash Rabat, Koshoy Korgon + many delicious meals along the way.