UCL, research fellow Kim’s previous incarnations include journalism and a fascination for the social lives of things (shout out Appadurai, ed. 1998!). Inspired by the ways in which communities in the Tibetan cultural sphere define, value, manage their cultural heritage she sees elements of knowledge exchange in mundane objects. Following on from this previous research and as a result of her peripatetic lifestyle she is currently looking into the uses of digital technologies in documenting and disseminating knowledge of cultural heritage and the role of the internet and social media in stirring… Read More

link listicle!!

Ta da…a listicle!!! Not as nice as a popsicle but who says you can’t enjoy them together?! Herewith a list – somewhat random but I’m sure you can find a thread of logic somewhere – of readings, news clippings, videos, websites, and other miscellaneous stuff I’ve collected over the past several months. Much of this was bookmarked on ye olde commute and I’ve only just looked over it again. There are no recommendations, no endorsements here, it’s just a list in no particular order and only loosely categorised. Some of the pieces… Read More

On @MozillaFestival 2019

On @MozillaFestival 2019, London Disclaimer: it was my first time and had been turned onto it by a new friend who is an old friend of an old friend so basically went to support my friends (all sorts). I have only included links to websites but everyone mentioned have Twitter accounts. Check out my Tweets from the day for easy access to many of the people you’re being introduced to. Began the day with Georgina Doji and Kunsang Kelden. Also presenting was Dechen Pemba whose website translating Tibetan writers has been influential… Read More