Sukhrob was born to study historiography and open new avenues of discovery on the pages of human history for the purpose of preserving cultural heritage for future generations. From teaching archaeology at the University of Bukhara to becoming a specialist and later head of the Department of Cultural Heritage of Bukhara Region he has persistently led efforts to educate and spread knowledge about this area. His experience in Bukhara and on numerous international projects, including for UNESCO, as well as studying 8 languages he now brings to his position as director for strategic development at IICAS. His favourite monument is the Paikent hillfort, on the outskirts of Bukhara, once a major Sogdian trading centre, it was a republic – making its governance different from neighbouring oasis cities. In 40 years of archaeological excavation the site continues to yield up its secrets and amaze researchers. Unsurprisingly the well-known Uzbek archaeologist Djamal Kamalovich Mirzaakhmedov has been a great inspiration. We are all looking forward to enjoying a home-cooked meal with Sukhrob on our next visit to UZ.