Board of Monuments, Inspections of Bukhara and Navoi,UZBEKISTAN, CAAL RESEARCHER 2020-2022

Umid’s BA in international relations from Tashkent State Institute of Oriental Studies is enabling him to pursue a passion for the heritage treasures of Uzbekistan and work to preserve them for future generations. After several years as a specialist in the Education Department of the Bukhara Regional government followed by a position as junior research assistant at the Bukhara State Museum Preserve he began his position with the Department of Cultural Heritage of Bukhara which led him to becoming chief specialist. Participating in international projects, working with a diverse group of professionals and through joint efforts they contribute to the development of science. The Citadel Ark of Bukhara, being the first settlement of the city and at various times the residence of its leaders, is a reflection of the history of the city over several millennia. Umid sees the subtlety of complex histories in this structure and in the person of Tamerlane and the Timurid Empire – one known not only for military campaigns but for fostering science and culture. He, like many of us, wishes for governments around the world to devote more time and money to preserving cultural heritage. Our cultural heritage is a bridge between the past and the future that will connect different generations.