Institute of Art Studies of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan, head of the department of architecture. caal team leader.

Mavlyuda is most inspired by the opportunity to engage in scientific creativity, explore and discover new facets of Central Asian architecture; participating in the restoration and preservation of the architectural heritage of Uzbekistan; collaborating with local and foreign colleagues. After graduating from the Faculty of Architecture, Tashkent Polytechnic Institute she worked as senior architect on restoration of cultural monuments at the Uzbek Scientific Research Design Institute of Restoration. Her long-time affiliation with the Fine Arts Institute began as a graduate student and then earning a doctoral degree and scientific status as a professor; culminating in her current position as head of the Department of Architecture. She is also actively engaged in training and mentoring the next generation of heritage specialists at the Institute of Arts and Design and Tashkent Architectural and Construction Institute. One of her favourite research topics is Sufism. She hopes to finalise and publish her book on the architecture of Sufi shrines of Central Asia soon. Academician Edward Rtveladze, distinguished archaeologist, brilliant scholar and an amazing, true human being is her role model. Travelling the world and photography are among her many passions with Lyabi-Khauz ensemble in Bukhara being her favourite location. The monument carries an incredibly unique history and continues to be a living and attractive destination.

Read Professor Yusupova’s 2022 publication The Bukhara School of Architecture 15th-17th centuries: Features and Dynamics of Development, published by IICAS in Russian with an English version coming soon.