review of the 4th Central Asia Seminar Group

Ancient Peoples: Modern Methods – a review The 4th meeting of the Central Asia Seminar Group met on 7 March 2020 at the UCL Institute of Archaeology to hear a series of papers on new and ongoing archaeological research in Central Asia. Host David Fallon of the Association for Central Asian Civilisations and Silk Road Studies and the CAAL project welcomed everyone to a day of stimulating talks. We began by hearing an overview of a new mapping project by Loren Cowin (Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel) focusing on the medieval sections of Merv… Read More

Review of the 6th Islamic Archaeology Day

On 1 February, organised by Corisande Fenwick (UCL), Rahil Alipour (UCL), Hugh Kennedy (SOAS), Scott Redford (SOAS), and Tim Williams (UCL) an international group of established scholars and early career researchers gathered together to hear new discoveries and ongoing investigations into the archaeology of a geographically and culturally diverse region. The day began with Michelina Di Cesare (La Sapienza-Rome) on the Great Mosque of Kufa at Qasr al-Imara (Iraq) where the 7th century mosque is getting new attention. Recorded in texts from the period as well having its foundations described by Ibn… Read More

Review of the 8th Annual Doctoral Research Workshop on Central Asia

On 25 January 2020, convened by Dr Harun Yilmaz and Dr Gai Jorayev and organised by Dr Gül Berna Özcan, Dr Katherine Hughes, Dr Gulzat Botoeva and Rosa Vercoe we experienced a day of fascinating talks presented by an international and multitalented group of doctoral researchers. The day began at the Greco-Bactrian (3rd century BCE) temple at Takt-i Sangin (Tajikistan) with its dedication to the Oxus/Amu Darya river by Maria Francesca Melloni of University Ca’ Foscari. Examples of multicultural elements evident in architecture, objects, coins, linguistics at the site mark the start… Read More