link listicle!!

Ta da…a listicle!!! Not as nice as a popsicle but who says you can’t enjoy them together?! Herewith a list – somewhat random but I’m sure you can find a thread of logic somewhere – of readings, news clippings, videos, websites, and other miscellaneous stuff I’ve collected over the past several months. Much of this was bookmarked on ye olde commute and I’ve only just looked over it again. There are no recommendations, no endorsements here, it’s just a list in no particular order and only loosely categorised. Some of the pieces… Read More

what’s new with you?

As archaeologists accustomed to encountering new situations we are, on a basic level, adept at adaptation, problem solving, quick fix-its to boots and tires, communicating across languages and cultures, working with strangers and extended field seasons with minimal home comforts – how many of us have been weeks without running water, never mind toilet paper? You may live similarly. You retain for decades friendships formed over a few shared meals. Your families are both nuclear and extended and you adopt each other’s concerns as your own. You are a tribe of action… Read More

Ответ на Covid-19 Project response to Covid-19 新冠疫情时期的应对

CAAL project response to Covid-19 by Principal Investigator Tim Williams, in Russian, English, and Chinese Это очень тяжелое время для всех людей по всему миру, и мы очень внимательно отслеживаем влияние, оказываемое вирусом, на наши команды. Нашим приоритетом является здоровье всех членов команды, принимающих участие в проекте, а также членов их семей и местной общины. Наши спонсоры, Arcadia – благотворительный фонд, учрежденный Лисбет Розин и Питером Болдуином – продемонстрировали нам потрясающую поддержку и понимание, а мы, в свою очередь, готовы оказать поддержку нашим командам в течение данного сложного периода. Мы будем продолжать… Read More