on museums – all sorts

Spent the winter break helping my father downsize from a large house to a condo. This combined with my recent move from the US to the UK has caused me to think about the material culture which matters most and which we chose to journey with. Neither my father nor I (in my London shoebox) have space for the accumulation of 60 years of marriage or of inheritances and souvenirs of lives well-travelled and well lived. We both must, without sentimentality, carefully curate the objects we most identify as representations of a… Read More

reflections on 2019

2019 began with celebration and gratefulness among the core UCL CAAL team as Arcadia (a charitable fund of Lisbet Rausing and Peter Baldwin) had generously awarded the grant and contracts were in place. A few more Skype meetings before everyone relocated to the UK and coffee with lemon cake could be enjoyed by all. By spring several doctoral students joined the team and meetings grew ever larger and longer, finalised by Marco coming on board as our remote sensing leader. May arrived with unusually chilly weather in London but warm hearts coming… Read More

My Orientalist eye before and in progress

Planning a lengthy trip to Central Asia so: continuously looking for a charming boutique hotel with carved wood and beautiful carpets – why? What is wrong with staying in a hotel which looks like one you stayed in in Chicago, replete with tiny soaps? Central Asia is a new geographic and cultural landscape for me so naturally I desire it to be different. Keywords there: naturally and desire – I have already inherently framed a work trip in an exoticized, picturesque, Instagrammable beauty. Is this part of travel or just part of… Read More