Louise COOKE

ucl, consultant Louise specialises in the sustainable management of cultural heritage, with a particular interest in the relationship between ancient and modern uses of vernacular building materials including earthen architecture. Climate change adaptation and resilience has become a key factor in any discussion on the future of heritage, especially in Central Asia where predicted changes in the Third Pole will have lasting impacts on the region. She will contribute to the project on assessing the developing climate and heritage activities, policies, and studies at play in the region which will contribute to… Read More


khorezm mamun academy, senior researcher and caal team leader Gavkhar has always been motivated by the study of the technical state of architecture and ensuring the proper conditions for sustainably preserving or reconstructing a building with a focus on the architecture of the region of Khorezm, Uzbekistan. She has been a senior researcher in the Khorezm Mamun Academy since 1998. During that time she completed doctoral research on improving the methodology of the protection and restoration of Khiva’s monuments. Her successes have brought her many new connections and opportunities to work with… Read More

Vladimir BYCHKOV

archaeological expertise, researcher Vladimir’s degrees in geography and history and his desire to acquire new knowledge, skills and experiences have guided his professional life. From participation as a student on archaeological expeditions in Pavlodar to teaching these subjects at Pavlodar State Pedagogical Institute he has excelled at encouraging others to appreciate the past and how it connects to our modern world. After working at the Institute of Archaeology named after AH Margulan he joined the private firm Archaeological Expertise where he currently conducts research. While his passions are in mineralogy and geology… Read More