‘Spying’ on the Amu Darya

After georeferencing a number of CORONA images dating from June-July 1970 it is possible to appreciate how the riverine area has been drastically transformed through processes of soil deposition to the upstream and soil erosion towards the downstream…


UCL, Research Assistant 2020-2021 When I first heard of the CAAL project, the amount of research and engagement possible amazed me. I especially found endearing the opportunity to merge different skills in this comprehensive experience. In addition to fulfilling my passion for archaeology and cultural heritage, I could delve further into programming and data analysis. I undertook the study of the Lebap oases along the Amu Darya as the topic for my MA in Managing Archaeological Sites at UCL, finding fascinating to record and analyse the intricate network of cities, forts, and… Read More

Tumsukly Minara caravansary

…we know caravanserai are often found at fairly regular intervals (a day’s journey with your camels): can we find the rest of this route across the desert, a journey of nearly 200 kilometres?