UCL, Research Assistant 2020-2021

When I first heard of the CAAL project, the amount of research and engagement possible amazed me. I especially found endearing the opportunity to merge different skills in this comprehensive experience. In addition to fulfilling my passion for archaeology and cultural heritage, I could delve further into programming and data analysis. I undertook the study of the Lebap oases along the Amu Darya as the topic for my MA in Managing Archaeological Sites at UCL, finding fascinating to record and analyse the intricate network of cities, forts, and outposts of the region – standing testimony of the grandeur of the Silk Roads. With my work, I attempted to test a heritage management methodology as sustainable and accessible as possible towards a better depiction of the archaeology in Central Asia.

The interest in archaeology, and history in general, goes back to my youth in Sicily, where I could easily come across a variety of heritage sites. During my undergraduate degree in cultural heritage studies, I investigated the impacts of several disciplines on heritage communication and management, creating the foundation for later research. My greatest aspiration would be to facilitate the connection between communities and their local heritage, and the development of a healthy pride in the riches of their origins, to be connected in a multicultural world (too much?). Outside the archaeological sphere, I appreciate fine art and music from any era, strolling around London and dropping into places for gigs and exhibitions whenever possible. Playing music used to be my biggest stress relief, but it has turned into playing videogames given that my keyboard is thousands of miles away.

Luca has left the CAAL project and is currently pursuing other archaeological activities.

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