Institute of art studies of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan, caal technical specialist 2019-2022

Aziza is just completing her MA in museology, conservation, restoration and storage of historical and cultural objects at the National Institute of Arts and Design named after Kamaliddin Behzod in Tashkent. Autumn 2020 will see her embark on doctoral research. Her command of English has enabled her to explore research and connect with professionals from a variety of countries. She is most inspired by learning and experiencing new aspects of her field and gaining insights and knowledge from her mentors and scientists who have worked for years. She aspires to emulate their ethics and methods in her own work; and share this with her (future) students through small and large circles of exchange. Evidence of this is already present in her admiration for her mentor Professor Mavlyuda Aminzhanovna Yusupova who motivates her in everything. It is also visible in her affinity for Amir Timur’s residence at Ak-Saray in his hometown of Shakhrisabz which retains its grandeur in mosaics and form. When not studying Aziza can be found reading Sir Arthur Conan Doyle or watching movies about Sherlock Holmes.