Louise COOKE

ucl, consultant Louise specialises in the sustainable management of cultural heritage, with a particular interest in the relationship between ancient and modern uses of vernacular building materials including earthen architecture. Climate change adaptation and resilience has become a key factor in any discussion on the future of heritage, especially in Central Asia where predicted changes in the Third Pole will have lasting impacts on the region. She will contribute to the project on assessing the developing climate and heritage activities, policies, and studies at play in the region which will contribute to… Read More


UCL, RESEARCH ASSistant Sarah is a New Zealand born archaeologist with a deep passion for Oceania and the development of sustainable and representative approaches to heritage management strategies for local communities in the face of climate change. Her doctoral research combines qualitative surveys and GIS to create a specific understanding of how Indigenous groups are working to value and relocate their heritage for a future away from their home lands. These experiences are helping the CAAL project to further investigate the effects of climate change in Central Asia and form a better understanding… Read More

Climate Heritage Network Launch 2019

The launch of the new Climate Heritage Network in Edinburgh, Scotland on the 24/25th October was built off the back of the Climate Heritage Mobilization Global Climate Action Summit held in San Francisco in 2018. The aim of this network launch was to join together likeminded professionals, both inside and outside the heritage industry to bring to light the challenges that cultural heritage faces in the midst of the climate crisis, but also the highlight the opportunity that heritage provides for creative, encompassing, and most importantly, representative climate crisis solutions. The launch… Read More