UCL, RESEARCH ASSistant 2019-2021

Sarah is a New Zealand born archaeologist with a deep passion for Oceania and the development of sustainable and representative approaches to heritage management strategies for local communities in the face of climate change. Her doctoral research combines qualitative surveys and GIS to create a specific understanding of how Indigenous groups are working to value and relocate their heritage for a future away from their home lands. These experiences are helping the CAAL project to further investigate the effects of climate change in Central Asia and form a better understanding of the vulnerabilities, resilience, and Disaster Risk Management in the region. Despite her love of nurturing plants (especially tropical ones) her thumb is really more of a pale green. In response to this she gets out in the ocean or on a mountain as often as possible.

Listen to a 2021 interview with Sarah by UCL Archaeology’s Charlotte Frearson on the podcast Parkaeology where they discuss women who inspire and Sarah’s research in New Zealand, Samoa and Fiji.