2022 annual roundup Декабрь 2022 – Итоги года

Distribution map of remote sensing data (in black) in relation to the ecoregions of Central Asia.

A REGIONAL STUDY OF ARCHAEOLOGICAL SITES FOR TAJIKISTAN, TRAVELOGUES TO KYRGYZSTAN AND A DATABASE OF HERITAGE SITES IN UKRAINE; scroll down to read in russian прокрутите вниз, чтобы прочитать на русском языке 2022 was an exciting year with so much going on: archaeologists out in the field, remote sensing reports being finalised and delivered to Tajik partners, work with Ukrainian colleagues to develop a database documenting heritage sites under threat. International Institute for Central Asian Studies (IICAS) continued to make strides in archaeological documentation and the publication of several important monographs among… Read More

injustice and love

‘All these encounters nourished me. They made me grow. They gave me a more accurate vision of the world.’