archaeological expertise, researcher Denis, unsurprisingly enjoys discovering new places and gaining insights and knowledge. This has led him to a career in archaeology. During his tenure at the West Kazakhstan Regional Center for History and Archaeology he led research at the ancient hillfort at Zhalpaktal (western Kazakhstan) and surrounds and the site has shed new light on the development of settlements of the Golden Horde. While excavations have taken place over a decade, only 20% of the site is really known. Evidence of a mosque and minaret as well as farmsteads allow… Read More


archaeological expertise, specialist and Caal team leader Denis is currently head of department of documentation at AE. His MA in architecture is only one indication of his penchant for solving complex problems. He applies this curiosity and logic to archaeological expeditions and documentation of archaeological landscapes including those at Otrar, Shymkent, Ablaykit, Shilikty valley. He has wide expertise in applying geodesy, GIS, GPR and 3D documentation to impact assessments; monitoring and evaluation of heritage sites. Creating virtual museums and interactive maps (Kyzyloda Oblast) allows his work to engage with the general public… Read More


REPUBLICAN STATE ENTERPRISE KAZRESTAVRATSIYA, KAZAKHSTAN, DEPUTY DIRECTOR GENERAL. caal technical specialist Yerkebulat is an architect and passionate about creativity, scientific understanding and the search for new solutions. He always strives for self-improvement, inspired by the richness and diversity of cultural heritage and the skill of ancient architects. These are unique Saki monuments, majestic constructions of Karakhanids and Timurid times, monumental complexes and religious monuments of the period of the Kazakh Khanate, as well as Medieval cities and settlements. Stretching from his beginnings as a young specialist architect to his current position as… Read More