Shejire DNA project, independent researcher, CAAL 2020-2022

Nurbol’s education focused on law and economics but more importantly he is inspired by the latest discoveries in the field of paleogenetic research. ‘We now have the opportunity to take a new look at the evolutionary processes of development and the stages of formation of human history. Thanks to modern technologies, we are able to verify history and show how it really happened.’ Over the past 10 years, he has been engaged in research in the fields of genetics, history, and archaeology, resulting in the documentary trilogy Equus: Story of the Horse, in which he is a co-producer. This film reflects the essence of the research of a large international team of scientists on horse domestication and its impact on the development of civilisations, which, in partnership with this magnificent animal, we created the modern world. His favourite place on the map of Central Asia is the southern part of the Altai, more precisely lake Zaisan (Zaisan basin). This is an ancient lake that is located between the Altai and Tarbagatai mountain ranges, and the large Irtysh river flows into lake Zaisan. The landscapes, flora, and fauna around this lake deserve a lot of attention and have a great research potential. Clearly, his love of documentary filmmaking, travel, and photography make him one of the lucky ones who lives his passions. You can follow Nurbol’s research on ResearchGate or find him on Facebook.