Covid-19 and Creativity

a list of websites, articles, projects displaying adaptation and resilience in response to the pandemic Herewith a bevy of links for your work and spare time. Many of these websites are rabbit holes of wonderfulness and you can easily click on just one link and find yourself, hours later, somewhere entirely new. This spring and summer have been well, not unlike a rabbit hole of pandemic related adaptations and resilience and news too often horrid. Among all this however, have been some pretty tremendous conversations; some not new but being broadcast in… Read More


khorezm mamun academy, senior researcher and caal team leader Gavkhar has always been motivated by the study of the technical state of architecture and ensuring the proper conditions for sustainably preserving or reconstructing a building with a focus on the architecture of the region of Khorezm, Uzbekistan. She has been a senior researcher in the Khorezm Mamun Academy since 1998. During that time she completed doctoral research on improving the methodology of the protection and restoration of Khiva’s monuments. Her successes have brought her many new connections and opportunities to work with… Read More