Institute of History, Archaeology and Ethnography named after A. Donish, Tajikistan, RESEARCHER

Bobomullo is motivated by the possibility of new discoveries. His work in an archaeological lab led to service as a regional scientific officer where he has been able to expand his love of the unknown and delve deeper into the lives of past persons. His favourite archaeological site is the medieval Buddhist monastery of Ajina Tepe in modern-day Tajikistan. Equally representative of the relationship between astronomy and poetry is Omar Khayyam, whose curiosity and intellect continue to inspire. When he is not on expedition Bobomullo can be found supporting his chosen football team or playing chess – further confluences of mathematics, skill and artistry where 1 step back and 2 steps forward are constants.

Check out a 2021 article co-authored with Marco Nebbia and Federica Cilio ‘Spatial risk assessment and the protection of cultural heritage in southern Tajikistan‘ just published Open-Access in the Journal of Cultural Heritage.

Also, check out this interview with Bobomullo by the Tajik Cultural Centre on the ancient site of Sarazm in the Zerafshan Valley, Tajikistan and explore interior spaces at the site through 3D models. Fantastic!!