archaeological expertise, specialist, Caal team leader 2019-2022

Denis is currently head of department of documentation at AE. His MA in architecture is only one indication of his penchant for solving complex problems. He applies this curiosity and logic to archaeological expeditions and documentation of archaeological landscapes including those at Otrar, Shymkent, Ablaykit, Shilikty valley. He has wide expertise in applying geodesy, GIS, GPR and 3D documentation to impact assessments; monitoring and evaluation of heritage sites. Creating virtual museums and interactive maps (Kyzyloda Oblast) allows his work to engage with the general public thereby increasing awareness and engagement in the archaeology of the region – something he is keen to expand with his recent participation in a workshop at the World Heritage Site of Sulaiman-Too Sacred Mountain in Kyrgyzstan. When he is not in the field he regularly attends international conferences and participates in scientific seminars on technologies for heritage preservation and creating standards of best practice for using these methods, including a 2019 training on the use of UAVs and creating 3D models in Khujand (TJ). He regularly returns to Otrar, his first archaeological expedition and first love. His dedication and expertise is an inspiration to those who work with him and we can’t wait to see his future projects.