Margarita PRIFTI

UCL, Research Assistant 2020-2021

Margarita’s love of the past and curiosity about the unknown has led her to degrees in history and archaeology as well as managing archaeological sites. Focusing in the eastern Mediterranean societies and interested in the different ways of protecting heritage and integrating local communities. This led to further explorations into the history and culture of Central Asia and the Silk Roads. She is fascinated by discovering, from above, landscapes that she had only read about in books and ancient texts from the Hellenistic period from a young age and finding something new every day. Learning to use these technologies for mapping archaeological sites is a crucial element of how her work contributes to the project. Never having been to Central Asia she is now keen to hike the Pamirs and experience places she has been exploring through remote sensing and travel the caravan routes.

Margarita left the CAAL project and is currently pursuing her archeaological interests.

In 2022 Margarita travelled to Central Asia for the first time. She wrote up her experiences for us, enjoy reading about Archaeotourism around Bishkek!