‘Stone City’

Photographs from LIU Yunxiao’s summer 2019 trip to the archaeological site at Taxkorgan, otherwise known as Stone City, Xinjiang.

a wedding in Kashgar

UCL team member LIU Yunxiao took some time off from fieldwork to attend the wedding of some Tajik friends in Kashgar. The excitement was palpable as the groom (on the right with red and white band on his hat) awaited his bride but finally they left to begin their new life in his home. Thereafter much dancing was had by every guest…including Yunxiao…we know she is a very good dancer!

Murghab River by satellite

This week CAAL UCL has enjoyed seeing the fruits of student Rory Calvin’s labours while he mapped 500 sites in the Murghab River region. We’ve got some details in the brief case study. Soon these sites and many many more will be available in our open access maps…the wheels are turning. Figures show: survey area in southern Turkmenistan: 10 km squares (in red) with potential sites (green); sites along an ancient watercourse, with new agriculture spreading westward from the current river channel (right of image); clusters of herding enclosures/settlements on the Turkmen/Afghan… Read More