IICAS, DIRECTOR FOR STRATEGIC DEVELOPMENT Sukhrob was born to study historiography and open new avenues of discovery on the pages of human history for the purpose of preserving cultural heritage for future generations. From teaching archaeology at the University of Bukhara to becoming a specialist and later head of the Department of Cultural Heritage of Bukhara Region he has persistently led efforts to educate and spread knowledge about this area. His experience in Bukhara and on numerous international projects, including for UNESCO, as well as studying 8 languages he now brings to… Read More


RESEARCH ASSISTANT, KAZAKHSTAN While Ilyas is currently studying marketing he is inspired by the contribution to the study of his native region by digitizing the data of archaeological sites using GIS for the CAAL project. Prior to this, he took part in expeditions to East Kazakhstan in the district of Zaisan Lake and at the same time mastered the use of satellite maps to discover new archaeological sites. He also worked at the International Institute for Central Asian Studies in Samarkand and during this time participated in an expedition to Karakalpakstan to… Read More


Shejire DNA project, independent researcher Nurbol’s education focused on law and economics but more importantly he is inspired by the latest discoveries in the field of paleogenetic research. ‘We now have the opportunity to take a new look at the evolutionary processes of development and the stages of formation of human history. Thanks to modern technologies, we are able to verify history and show how it really happened.’ Over the past 10 years, he has been engaged in research in the fields of genetics, history, and archaeology, resulting in the documentary trilogy… Read More