Board of Monuments, Inspections of Bukhara and Navoi,UZBEKISTAN, CAAL RESEARCHER Umid’s BA in international relations from Tashkent State Institute of Oriental Studies is enabling him to pursue a passion for the heritage treasures of Uzbekistan and work to preserve them for future generations. After several years as a specialist in the Education Department of the Bukhara Regional government followed by a position as junior research assistant at the Bukhara State Museum Preserve he began his position with the Department of Cultural Heritage of Bukhara which led him to becoming chief specialist. Participating… Read More


Iicas, CAAL GIS RESEARCH ASSISTANT Dona is interested in understanding the values and relationship between a monument and its environment. By looking at these elemental roles we are able to preserve the buildings and without damage correctly introduce them into a modern setting. First encountering the preservation of historical monuments while participating in an international project in Ukraine in 2011, Dona then applied to and was accepted in the Uzbek-German master’s programme for building preservation and heritage conservation. In 2015 she successfully defended her master’s dissertation at the University of Applied Sciences,… Read More


Institute of Art Studies of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan, head of the department of architecture. caal team leader. Mavlyuda is most inspired by the opportunity to engage in scientific creativity, explore and discover new facets of Central Asian architecture; participating in the restoration and preservation of the architectural heritage of Uzbekistan; collaborating with local and foreign colleagues. After graduating from the Faculty of Architecture, Tashkent Polytechnic Institute she worked as senior architect on restoration of cultural monuments at the Uzbek Scientific Research Design Institute of Restoration. Her… Read More